100 000 people in the National Assembly appeal "war bill Ryan Abe resignation"
2015年8月30日、「戦争法案廃案・安部退陣」を訴える 「国会10万人大行動」が国会前で行われ、主催者発表で12万人の参加者がありました。

August 30, 2015, "war bill Ryan Abe resignation" sue "Diet 100,000 large action" is performed in front of the National Assembly, there were 120,000 participants in the organizers announced.
To 2:00 of the opening ago, one after another by the gathered incoming participants sidewalk to the extent can not be hamstrung. Finally we fill all of the National Assembly before the roadway. Participants of families and elderly in the National Assembly prior to the park, but also organizations participants, etc. that do not fit in before the National Assembly, was surrounded the parliament is dispersed around the roads and Hibiya Park.
Parliament before the street is mostly individual participation. In political protests, which only the individual participants gathered in front of the National Assembly, the history of Japan, I think the first time.
From the middle rally, but light rain has started to fall, even after the unification rally has finished, a collection of parentheses lasted up to 5 o'clock.
In particular, had attracted attention, according to Soka Gakkai who is a power base of the ruling party New Komeito, it was a movement of criticism of the New Komeito executive.


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