横浜・富岡八幡宮の氏子地域内の8基の大御輿(おおみこし)が 京急富岡駅前に集合する、連合渡御(れんごうとぎょ) が行われました。


AX30 +ワイコン+一脚兼用スタビライザー

Large portable shrine(Oomikoshi) of eight in the parishioners area of Yokohama Tomioka Hachiman is set to Keikyutomioka Station, Union Togyo (Union and Gyo) have been made. Large shrine that has been gathered from various places in Tomioka Station, after the approach so as to match the portable shrine of bearers rod tip of the nose (flower, nose, and flower) "Hanaawase" was carried out, respectively, went back to each town . By the way, Tomioka Hachiman is, I'm a shrine in the historic falls Tomioka Hachiman of head family of Shenzhen. Because it kept the villages from tsunami, "Namiyoke Hachiman (Namiyoke Yahata)" and it is also called, not only the original tsunami Yoke in recent years, an increasing number of visits of students aiming to active duty pass without becoming ronin Toka Toka not have. September 27, 2015 shooting AX30 + Kwong + monopod combined stabilizer


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